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Royal Mint ADP pumping skid

10 Apr 2015

TJM work very closley with all our clients such as the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales. We were given the opportunity to manufacture for the Royal Mint a pump skid capable of delivering 96% sulphuric acid. As part of our client specifcations, there was a need for a duty and standby pump,each pump pipe line had to be manufactured in accordance with HSG 253 catagory 1 positive isolation. TJM fabrication engineers are trained and qualified to EN 13067, to carry out all types of pipe welding using up-to-date welding technology, we reconise the need for training to ensure a compentant and complaint work force.

Our professional project managers possess a detailed knowlage of project activities, such as contract administration, risk managment and cost control and combine the use of robust project managment systems with an ability to adapt and innovate.

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